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“With three mouse clicks we have all the customer information on-screen” Bas Gaertner, one of the founders of MAG3, says. After requesting many quotes and searching the web, MAG3 realized ABCrm offered the best solution within their budget. “ABCrm is not only the best because of cost effectiveness, but also because the user friendliness and simplicity suits MAG3 very well`.

Type of company: Financial services
number of users: 5



Bourgogne agency

The many contacts with both Bourgogne customers and suppliers, the paperwork became too cumbersome. Many people may recognize this: small notes with addresses and appointments getting lost or thrown away. “Specifically in the long run it is desirable to have a clear overview of addresses and appointments”, Mark van der Reek says..

Type of company: Trade
Number of users: 3



Op’t Hoog

A business contact of Jan op ’t Hoog recommended ABCrm. “The main advantage of ABCrm was, I only have to pay subscription fees and was not compelled to buy a complete package.” After having seen a demo, he was won over. “I immediately grasped how it worked and the interface was very user friendly”, said Jan op ’t Hoog.

Type of company: Industrial
Number of users: 15



WDM Vending

“Surely ABCrm has a tremendous positive impact in our company”, said Mr Molhoek. “We use it for customer acquisition, managing of existing relations and documenting  arrangements and agreements with our suppliers.” Thus, WDM Vending focuses on keeping agreements, managing action progress and keep in touch with relations..

Type of company: Services
Number of users: 2




“Previously we had no real system when it came to customer relations. Everything was done by e-mail. There was no overview and it was difficult to verify that all necessary actions were implemented”Pauline Hurkmans of Belisol says. Especially for a company like Belisol it was a problem: office personnel where communicating with clients, but travelling representatives needed customer data as well. It was necessary to have a system, that could present a clear overview of the many customer contacts and that kept track of every action, agreement and appointment, so no mistakes in that area where made.

Type of company: Services
Number of users: 17
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Zinnige Zaken

Zinnige Zaken has an extensive range of services: conference rooms, outings, gifts and travel arrangements. To successfully implement these services close coordination between parties involved is crucial. The arrangements between customers and suppliers should be clear and transparent. Because of the strong business growth with increasing numbers of customers, services and suppliers it became more and more difficult for Zinnige Zaken to keep a clear overview of customer/supplier relations. There was a demand for a system to keep a clear overview of customer relations, documented agreements and to make communication easier. The answer was ABCrm.

Type of company: Events
Number of users: 2


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