Our Solutions

Keep it simple st…

That is what we prefer. Most CRM systems are often complex with 1000 and 1 options. We don’t like that! No complex settings just out-of-the-box do it yourself!

More than 1,500 entrepreneurs use ABCrm

Chances are that entrepreneurs from your industry use it, or have similar questions as you. Try ABCrm or take a look at our users’ experiences.

Why ABCrm?

  • It’s easy to use.
  • Pricing is transparent, no surprises: €12.50 per user per month, that’s it.
  • Accessible from anywhere, including mobile devices.
  • Safe and reliable.

Sometimes we even win an award or two

ABcrm won the Dutch SME Best Choice award in 2009 and the SME Proof award in 2010! Twice in a row!  This clearly shows that ABCrm listens to it’s customers and their requirements. Understandably we are very proud of these accomplishments.

Connect the world

ABCrm likes to connect with other programs. We therefore connect with (your) web site and with other systems such as Accounting and CMS systems. But we also integrate with MS Outlook, Word, Apple, Google, iPhone or other smartphones without a problem.

Take a tour

Take a tour with ABCrm and see what functionality it offers. Everything conveniently divided in modules.